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Rand Stadium
S. Chaitowitz
John Rowley
P.O. Box 11544, Jhb
Perhaps it could be safe to say that the Rangers Football Club were the instigators of professional football in South Africa.

Then Chairman Lubbe Snoyman and Syd Chaitowitz were among the original rebels and they celebrated the start of the professional game by being the first winners of the National Cup.

That team included those great veterans Morrie Jacobsen and Mannie van der Merwe. After their first success little came their way but things got brighter when they acquired the relegated Johannesburg Ramblers club and got players of the calibre of George Adelaine, Bob Davies, Ray Williams and Reg Randall.

Later they bought from overseas Jones, Forster, Des Anderson and Blanero and with manager coach Alec Forbes signalled their success by winning the U.T.C. Bowl in 1966.

Wembley Stadium

Their first home was at Wembley Stadium but they moved over to the Rand Stadium in 1965. Rangers were an extremely popular team and over the years they gained many supporters in Johannesburg and the rest of the country.

L. Snoyman

S. Chaitowitz

Clubs Records

U.T.C. Bowl: Winners in 1966.
League: Runners up to Durban City in 1959.

League Results
PWD LFA PPosition
1960 28182 88855 385th
1961 30173 106860 375th
1962 34137 144970 3311th
1963 34213 109145 455th
1964 32137 127767 337th
1965 30113 166377 2510th
1966 30146 106548 346th
1967 28137 86861 337th

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Rand Stadium

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Rangers F.C.
Front Row: (l to r) George Kom, Ronnie Koekemoer, Heleno, John Rowley (Captain), Geoff Thomas, Benny Blanero, Des Anderson. Back Row: (l to r) Stan Forster, Bob Davies, Percy Owen, Johnny Walker, Pat White, Dave Jones..

Stars ....

John Walker

Reg Randall

John McGlaughlin

Dave Jones

Moshe Leon

Bob Davies

Beni Blanero

Des Anderson

Archie Soekoe

Stan Forster

Percy Owen

Jimmy Sheavills

Alan Gray

Alan Laing

Ron Koekemoer