Angelique and the Sultan Angelique and the Sultan


Golon, Sergeanne

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Romance Fiction

Angelique and the Sultan

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Synopsis for Angelique and the Sultan The tempestuous Angelique had known many lovers. But always in her ecstasies of passion, she had been haunted by the memory of her first love, Joffrey de Peyrac.

Now Angelique flees France to risks the perils of Barbary.

In this savage world she learns the horrors of a pirate galley, the degradation of the slave market, the tortures of the seraglio, before being chosen as the beautiful plaything of a lust-crazed Sultan ...

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Golon, Sergeanne Bibliography
The brother and sister team of Serge and Anne Golon have produced a tremendous saga of 17th-century France, tracing Angelique's career from childhood through a series of strange marriages and amorous adventures, perils and excitements, unequalled in the field of historical romance fiction. Translated into most European languages, a sensational runaway success in France, Angelique is one of the world's most fabulous bestsellers. The most ravishing, and surely the most ravished, heroine of all time.

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